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Ambassador Profile: Dan

Updated: May 3, 2021

Location: Hamilton, ON

I wanted to introduce myself, to let you know a little about me, and about my journey into aquascaping.

To start off, I love creating and designing. I am a lifelong musician by passion and designer by trade. I grew up around ponds and goldfish and had a family fish tank, so naturally I setup my own tank. When I saw my first aquascape in 2018, I saw immediate inspiration and knew I had discovered a new passion. I knew I wanted to mimic and mold what I saw, and turn my blue-gravelled fish tank into a natural garden. I wanted live plants, real wood, and man, I wanted that ADA soil. Before I knew it I was replacing the substrate in my 20 gallon and planting my first swords and epiphytes (okay fine, I didn't know what the even was then). Now I am planting advanced plants, red stems, and use CO2 in most of my tanks.

Not only do I get to share my passion with you, but I also share it with my partner Elle, who is co-creator on most of my projects.

Currently, we have a small gallery of around 9 aquascapes and 7 miscellaneous tanks (farm and cultivation, breeding, wabi-kusa), all of which take of up most of my free time with water changes alone.

I absolutely love this hobby. For me, it is more than just a passion. I have goals for the future, and hope to constantly grow with and in this hobby. Through the art of aquascaping, I have learned to become more aware and more appreciative of the small things. I have learned to be patient and that things take time to grow.

Here's a sneak peak of a new project!

You can find me on social media @hamiltonaquascape. In the mean time, I'll be busy revisiting old childhood memories of cleaning the aquarium glass!

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