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Learning about CO2 in your Aquarium


Why should I add CO2 to my aquarium?

To help your aquarium plants thrive, we recommend adding CO2. It is important to remember that the amount of CO2 you inject into your aquarium will not only affect your plants but also your fish! Some symptoms of a lack of CO2 are algae build up, stunted plant growth and pale colors. These problems are best avoided or improved by installing a quality CO2 system.

What are the essential components in an aquarium CO2 setup?

The essential components for either a pressurized or passive CO2 system are;
A source of pressurized CO2, a regulator to reduce the CO2 pressure for use in aquariums, a check valve, some quality airline tubing and a diffuser. That's it!

Is CO2 more important than lighting?

Its just as important. Beautiful plants often require powerful lights light and can also bring the dreaded algae. By giving your plants extra carbon dioxide you are adding fuel for photosynthesis and stronger healthier growth. 

The addition of carbon dioxide also contributes to the growth of algae and also leads to excess ammonia which is dangerous for fish. Installing a drop checker in your tank to monitor carbon dioxide will help combat negatively impacting your fish with excessive levels of carbon dioxide.

Still curious?

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