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AQUACO2 Stage 2 Complete Kit

AQUACO2 Stage 2 Complete Kit

All of our AQUACO2 Complete Kits include carefully hand-selected and tested components, which allow for optimal CO2 injection into your planted aquarium. Our pressurized aquarium CO2 kits provide excellent value at each of the three stages, and are excellent choices to help your plants grow like crazy.


Every complete kit includes a regulator, a check valve to prevent water entering the regulator, a CO2 indictor, diffuser and 10-ft of CO2Art CO2 resistant tubing.

If you're looking for lights to complete your set-up, you can now select the size of Chihiros RGB Plus light you need to help your planted tank thrive!


We almost forgot, it also includes FREE SHIPPING across Canada!



Customers outside of North America MUST select the "No Tank" option.

We currently offer shipping to the US and Europe for $40 CAD flat rate. Please email with other inquiries.




The Stage 2 Kit is our most recommended AQUACO2 pressurized aquarium CO2 system. Included is the CO2 Art PRO-SE Series - Dual Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator, offering you precision control over your CO2 delivery at an excellent price-point. This dual stage regulator also helps protect against the dreaded end-tank-dump - keeping your fish safe, while maximixing the growth of your plants.


Our complete kit also includes an easy how-to-guide to allow you to quickly and effectively install your aquarium CO2 system.


  • CO2 Art PRO-SE Series - Dual Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator
  • Your choice of diffuser style - now including a Small Acrylic IO Diffuser!
  • CO2 Art check valve
  • CO2 Art CO2 indicator
  • 10 feet of CO2 resistant airline and suction cups
  • Kit Customization

    From the size of your CO2 cylinder to the colour of your airline hose, we are also able to make substitutions or modifications to suit your needs.

    Please contact us if you have a request or questions about our AQUACO2 Complete Kits.

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