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Chihiros Glass Poppy and Lily Sets

Chihiros Glass Poppy and Lily Sets

Poppy and lilly glass pipes creates water flow suitable for keeping fish that prefer a gentle water flow, such as Betta and Killifish in an aquatic plant layout.


Depending on the placement of the outflow pipe, the water surface ripples increase oxygen exchange and reduce surface film.


Now introducing the the skimmer with a spiral type floater intake to increase efficacy!


  • Acrylic self-floating inlet
  • Removes surface films and microorganisms from the water surface
  • Promotes proper gas exchange
  • For both long term and temporary usage
  • Quick installation - easy to fix


The floating part and the unit for adjusting the ratio between surface extraction and intake in the lower part are made of highly transparent and durable acrylic glass.


*Photos are for illustration only. Outflow pipes come with only one suction cup design.


**Intakes and Outflows can be purchased separately


Intake and Outflow Sizes: Medium 12/16mm hose, Large 16/22mm hose


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    PriceFrom C$29.99