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Chihiros Vivid 2 vs Vivid mini

The Chihiros vivid 2 and Vivid mini are both amazing lights for getting the most colour out of your plants but which one should you chose?

Chihiros Vivid 2 over 60cm tank


Both Lights come with the same fully adjustable LED lights. You can fully adjust the colour spectrum of the lights to get the desired results out of your plants. Both lights are extremely powerful and more so suited to tanks with CO2 injection. So whats the difference?

The Difference:

The main difference between the 2 is the size of the tanks they are best suited for. The Chihiros vivid 2 is mainly designed to cover a length of 60cm (24 inches) perfectly. By comparison the Chihiros vivid mini works better on tanks between 30-60cm (12-24 inches) in length. It works best on tanks that are 45cm (18 inches) in terms of power and plant growth. Using the Vivid mini on 60cm tanks can be a bit of a stretch if the tank is more than 40cm (16 inches) tall. The reason behind this is because the amount of LEDs with the vivid mini having half the amount that the Chihiros vivid 2 has. As mentioned earlier the LEDs in the Chihiros vivid mini and 2 are the same. There is a couple other differences in the sizes shown in the table below.

Chihiros Vivid 2

Chihiros Vivid mini







Dimensions (cm)

45.5 x 16.2 x 3.5

35.5 x 14 x 3.5

The Chihiros vivid mini also comes with a metal elbow to attach it to your tank seen below. It is also cheaper than the Vivid 2 at C$359.00 compared to C$519.

Making Your Choice:

Whatever light you go with between the 2 you can expect amazing colouration and good growth. The Chihiros Vivid 2 is definitely a lot more powerful but on nano tanks that extra power isnt needed. The mini is much better suited for those tanks and will lead to amazing results. Below is some Ludwigia senegalensis grown under the Vivid mini in a ADA 45P.


With this info the choice is up to you! Both are amazing lights in the right situation!

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Thanks For Reading,

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