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Chihiros lights, too many options!

Which light is best for me? This is a question we get asked all day, so lets cover the different lights we sell and their suggested use as well as their specifications to better help you decide which Chihiros light is best for you.

Chihiros lights come in many shapes and sizes. Here at AquariumCo2 we sell only full RGB lights, no white LED's here. We believe in RGB lights because we have seen how they can make your plants and fish can really pop and stand out in your tank, after all that's the entire point! Maximum impact, right? You wont find a white LED in the house because we're in love with Chihiros RGB lights. Lets talk about a few of our offerings and how they compare.

First, lets start with power ratings. I will use 60 cm Chihiros fixtures as examples except for the Chihiros C2 RGB, Chihiros Vivid Mini, and Chihiros Vivid II with the most powerful fixtures at the top of the list.

  1. Chihiros Vivid II 130w, 5500lm, Number of LEDs : 160 Waterproof Level: IP43

  2. Chihiros Vivid Mini 75w, 5000lm, Number of LEDs : 80 Waterproof Level: IP43

  3. Chihiros WRGBII 67w, 4500lm, Number of LEDs : 60 Waterproof Level: IP43

  4. Chihiros WRGBII Slim 45w, 2400lm, Number of LEDs : 60 Waterproof Level: IP43

  5. Chihiros RGB Plus 45w, 2400lm, Number of LEDs : 40 Waterproof Level: IP43

  6. Chihiros C2 RGB 20w, 1580lm, Number of LEDs : 40 Waterproof Level: IP43

First, lets talk about the Chihiros Vivid II. This is about as good as it gets for pendant style planted tank lights. This light has a 90cm effective grow area, and power to light even the deepest tanks. The high power means each channel of Red, Green, and Blue have more power in each color which means that even a deep tank can benefit from brighter reds, greens, and blues on their plants and fish. This light is perfect for hanging above a 90cm tank. It comes with a hanging kit in the box. Both a stand, and shades are available as accessories. The stand we carry is the version 2, its a flat bar rather than the older model which is made from round tubing.

Second, the Chihiros Vivid Mini. Like its big brother the Chihiros Vivid II mentioned earlier, this is also a pendant style light. So what makes it different than the Vivid II? Well, its made for smaller tanks! This fixture has a 60cm effective growth area and less power at 75w versus the 130w of the Vivid II. This light is perfect for 60cm tanks, though you could get away with a 90cm tank if you were to use it for fish or plant more centrally similar to an island aquascape. This fixture comes with a stand for rimless tanks with a maximum glass thickness of 12mm. Shades and a hanging kit are available as accessories.

Third, the Chihiros WRGB II. The WRGB II is our most powerful fixture in this length and style. The 60cm version is 67W and is very capable of growing plants, even in deep rimmed tanks. This is the light you want when you want even coverage across your entire tank. Perfect for rimmed tanks which are often a little deeper than their rimless counterparts. Though if you have a rimless tank, this light will really make your tank glow. You'll be selling trimmings in your local aquascape group in no time with this high powered fixture. Many don't even run it at full brightness on rimless tanks because its very powerful. This fixture comes with an adjustable metal stand which can be flipped to add extra length or height if you prefer. Additional accessories available are shades, a hanging kit and last but not least, the acrylic stand. The acrylic stands will fit your tank when the fixture size matches the length of your tank, such as with a 60p. A 60cm Chihiros WRGB II with acrylic stands will match perfectly and really help your aquascape stand out.

Fourth, the Chihiros WRGB II Slim. The Chihiros WRGB II Slim is a great light when you dont need all of the power of the WRGB II. This light pairs really well with tanks that are less demanding. The 60cm fixture has 45W versus the 67W of its big brother the Chihiros WRGB II. The Slim is just that, slimmer. 30% in fact, and 30% less power at a great pricepoint. These lights have been flying off the shelves with their updated metal stands which some may argue look better than the WRGB II. The light is still RGB and you benefit from all of that extra color that comes with a true RGB light. Want your tank to look purple in the evening to really show off your fish's colors? No problem, the Slim can do that. This is a great light at a great price point, soon you'll be saying Fluval who? Shades from the WRGBII do fit this fixture as well. Speaking of shades, you may have noticed the shades only come in 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm. So what do i do if i purchase a Chihiros WRGBII Slim 120? Good question, you would need to purchase two sets of 60cm shades for this fixture. What about the 90cm? You guessed it, two sets of 45cm shades. At the moment, shades are the only accessory available for the Slim.

Chihiros RGB Plus featuring acrylic stands available at
Chihiros RGB Plus featuring acrylic stands

Fifth, The Chihiros RGB Plus. These lights are very similar to the WRGBII Slim in terms of power, the 60cm is rated at 45w, with 40 LEDs so 20 less LEDs than the WRGBII Slim has. This means it has a slightly smaller footprint, and it comes in silver! The only other fixture that comes in silver is the Chihiros Vivid II. This light is also at a great price point due to its power and size. I have a few running right now, and even use one as a back light for a 60p i'm working on. Makes for amazing photos and colors without the need for editing. This light comes with the same RGB LED's you expect from a high end Chihiros product. Insane reds, bright blues, and vivid greens. This light will happily grow plants in your tank, and make the colors of your fish pop! Accessories available are a hanging kit, and an acrylic stand as well. This light is currently on sale, and includes either the hanging kit, or the acrylic stands FREE!

Chihiros C2 RGB on a beautiful Dooa tank by @NickMaas91 on IG. Available at
Chihiros C2 RGB on a beautiful Dooa tank by @NickMaas91 on IG.

Last but not least we have the Chihiros c2 RGB. The Chihiros C2 RGB is rated at 20w of RGB power. This fixture is great for nano tanks and is very minimalist with its small mount for rimless tanks. For rimmed tanks or bowls, a stand is sold seperately that makes the light free standing, perfect for an aquascaped Dooa tank / vase. Dont let its small size fool you, this light is very capable for growing plants in nano tanks, it packs a punch!

With the My Chihiros app available for Apple and Android you have full control over the color spectrum and times. No timer needed! All of our lights are bluetooth controlled. You can use the wizard and set your sunrise, sunset, ramp time, and even color spectrum. Or, you can choose from one of the presets available on the app such as Red, Green, Buce, Fish and Shrimp. You can create stunning light schedules with daytime time brightness fading into more stunning colorful evening views for the last hour of your light schedule.

I hope that helps break down the different fixtures and their different applications and specifications for you to easier decide which Chihiros light is right for you. If youve read this far, id like to thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and as always, thank you for your ongoing support. Without you, I'm just a person with way too many lights. Stay safe! AquaCo2.

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