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Ambassador Profile: Kalem

Updated: May 3, 2021

Location: Ottawa, ON

Hey Guys! My name is Kalem but on social media I always go by Kalemsfishtanks. I am 20 years old and currently at the University of Ottawa studying biochemistry. I started in the planted aquarium hobby ~6 years with a 5 gallon tank with a couple java ferns that I somehow killed and an amazon sword. The things that interest me most in this hobby are definitely the plants and all the science behind our tanks. It all started when I got sucked into a rabbit hole on Youtube and fell in love with Youtube channels like the Green Machine. Now I currently have 4 planted tanks, and a couple smaller projects as well like vivariums.

Featured Projects:

40 Breeder:

Above is a shot of what my 40 breeder looks like today. This tank has changed a ton over the years I have had the tank itself for about 5 years. Currently I am using the 90cm Chihiros wrgb II on it with Tropica aquasoil. Its mainly easier slower growing plants like Bucephalandra and cryptocorynes but I also have some things like Ludwigia super mini red and Rotala Vietnam H'ra in there. Currently my biggest goal is to just grow pretty plants and that was the focus in my latest project below.

24 gallon Dutch:

This tank is lit by the Chihiros Vivid II and so far I am super impressed by it. The tank is currently only 10 days old at the time of this shot. The goal is to have a lot of colour from plants like Rotala mini butterfly, Ludwigia super mini red, Ludwigia glandulosa and Ludwigia Arcuata. It will also be my first time attempting a Glossostigma carpet which is doing well so far! I also want to use this tank as an opportunity to practice my plant trimming skills.

In early May I am planning to start up a gallery of nano aquascapes and bring you guys along the way over on Youtube.

My goal in the hobby is to study the science behind our planted tanks and explain it in ways where anyone can understand without any other science knowledge. The reason I went into biochemistry is all because of planted tanks. Whether your a new comer or an expert in planted tanks I hope I can teach you something new!

If you ever need help with anything planted tank related dont be a afraid to DM me on instagram!

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