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Comparing our AquaCO2 Complete Kits

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Because selecting, sourcing and ordering high quality parts to piecing together an system to safely deliver CO2 to your planted tank can be complicated and frustrating, we've hand picked three 100% complete CO2 Injection systems to help you get closer to enjoying a planted aquarium. All of our kits include:

  • 5lb Aluminum CO2 Tank (upgradable to 20lbs)

  • Regulator

  • Spiral Bubble Counting Diffuser

  • Check valve

  • Ista CO2 indicator

  • 10 feet of CO2 resistant airline and suction cups

We offer three complete pressurized aquarium co2 kits, each providing increased levels of safety, precision and flexibility. Achieving a fine balance value and performance at each stage, we've simplified our options to:

Stage 1 - Value and Performance Stage 2 - Precision and Increased Safety Stage 3 - High Precision, Safety and Flexibility The Stage 1 Kit is the most basic pressurized aquarium system AQUACO2 offers, but is capable of providing CO2 for aquariums of up to 120 gallons. We have chosen Milwaukee MA957 Regulator due to it high quality at an inexpensive price point. This regulator allows you to reduce the pressure from the canister and fine tune your flow using the needle valve. It also features a 110V solenoid. The Stage 2 Kit is our most recommended AQUACO2 pressurized aquarium CO2 system. Included is the CO2 Art PRO-SE Series - Dual Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator, offering you precision control over your CO2 delivery at an excellent price-point. This dual stage regulator also helps keep CO2 levels constant while pressure drops in your cylinder, and protects against the dreaded end-tank-dump - keeping your fish safe, while maximizing the growth of your plants. Stage 2 also features an upgraded stainless steel check valve to ensure water will not back flow into your regulator potentially causing damage. The Stage 3 Kit is our highest precision and specialized AQUACO2 pressurized aquarium CO2 system. Included is a stainless steel check valve to ensure the industry's best regulator isn't damaged by backflow. The CO2 Art Pro-Elite Series - Dual Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator is the most advanced regulator, offering you the highest precision control over your CO2 delivery for up to 1300 gallons, protection from the dreaded end-tank-dump, and maximizing the growth of your plants! By adding a manifold block you can add on as many needle valves as you like, delivering to an enormous tank or five individual tanks.   All of our complete kits include an easy how-to-guide to allow you to quickly and effectively install your aquarium CO2 system.

If you have any questions about an aquarium co2 system or you'd like to customize your kit, please contact us. From the size of your CO2 cylinder to the colour of your airline hose, we are able to make substitutions or modifications to suit your needs.

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