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Buying an aquarium, what are the costs?

For some people, having a healthy aquarium seems beyond their financial reach, but how expensive is an aquarium?

Unfortunately, I can’t really answer that question. It all depends on what kind of tank you want and of course, what size the tank will be. Do you want a heavy planted tank or just some rocks and wood, big fish or just some shrimp? All these things determine the price!

When you want to start small with the hobby, maybe a shrimp or a betta tank, Fluval would be a good choice for an all in one. They have a great line of fish tanks, that combine a built in filter, heater and light in one. Most of these all in one tanks are small, and easy find a nice spot somewhere in the room!

If you want to have a larger tank with lots of plants or big fish, there are some things to keep in mind. A large capacity filter, RGB lights or co2 may be needed to make your aquarium succesfull. Sadly, many people quit the hobby because they don’t have the right equipment from the start. This results in plants dying, all sorts of algae or even the death of fish.

My advice to you is, think carefully about what you want. Set your goals and consider what equipment you will need to achieve them. Many start small to see if they like the hobby and expand from there.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. There are countless great scapes with decent size tanks such my personal favourite, the 60P!

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