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Co2, yes or no?

If you search for aquariums on Google or Instagram, you can’t have missed the word “co2”. Not all aquariums need co2, but almost every aquascape has it. Why?

Co2 injection prevents most algae, if used correctly and with the right amounts of fertz. It stimulates the growth, condition and also colors of your plants, they gain more strength all the way to the roots and the plants grow more densly together. So overall, a good co2 system improves your tank in many ways!

Co2 comes in many sizes, small non-refill 95gr bottle’s from Tropica, 500gr like Dennerle, Colombo even has an 800gr bottle! It may seem nice and less expensive to start with, but in the long term a bottle that can be refilled is much much cheaper. Speaking from my own experience, the small regulators that come with those bottle’s aren’t very consistent and more difficult to fine tune. So if you think you want to stay in the hobby longer than 2 months, buying a refillable bottle is a really good investment!

With co2 injection you will need a co2 diffuser, and of course... there are many types of diffusers. So, which one do you need?

Personally I’m a huge fan of the Co2art inline diffuser, but this can only be used if you have an external filter. The diffuser will be placed on the outflow hose, the co2 is forced through the diffuser and the tiny co2 bubbles get carried away into your tank.

So, you don’t have an external filter, what now? Luckely there are many diffusers to be fitted inside the tank. They come in different sizes, materials and shapes, so enough choice to find the right diffuser for your tank. Some prefer Ceramic micropore diffusers, others like glass because they are less visible in the tank. So it’s up to you to decide what you see fit in your scape.

So to make a long story short.. If you want a healthy planted tank, invest in a good co2 system. Your plants will love it!

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