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Is my spiral bubble counting diffuser broken?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Did you just install your pressurized aquarium CO2 system and diffuser and are wondering if its working properly? Let's start with highlighting some of features. A spiral bubble counting diffuser is a great choice because it eliminates the need for a separate bubble counter. While high quality regulators typically include a bubble counter, this is an aesthetically pleasing way to monitor the rate of CO2 injection right in your aquarium; the spiral helps make bubbles per second easier to count (especially with high bubble counts).

You'll want to read our upcoming blog about setting up your pressurized aquarium CO2 system before reading this if you're attempting to troubleshoot your system. This only covers cover concerns regarding freshly installed diffusers.

When you initially install your spiral bubble counting diffuser, it may look like the one in our video. It will likely take from 24-72 hours for your diffuser to fill with water completely so be patient! If you're impatient, you can also use a syringe to fill your diffuser with water through the inlet.

Despite not being able to see the bubbles moving through the spiral, if your CO2 system is connected properly, the diffuser will immediately begin to emit CO2. As your diffuser fills with water naturally over a span of days, you may see CO2 initially escaping from a small hole near the base of the spiral. This is completely normal and once the diffuser fills, you'll see the mesmerizing effect of a bubbly passing through the glass and turning into mist.

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