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Which light do I need?

If you want a successful planted tank, choosing the right light is important, but which one do you need?

There are many different kind of lights on the market, build by different brands, so it’s hard to choose the right one.

Do you want a full Monte Carlo carpet or the beautiful Rotala H’RA? These plants require strong lighting, and RGB is a must to get the most out of it.

To focus more on planted tanks, Chihiros, Twinstar and ADA are the brands you want to have a look at. They offer a full light spectrum, RGB LED’s and Chihiros can be controlled by an app on your phone. This allows you to easily adjust the color spectrum, intensity and schedule.

Chihiros is getting more and more popular nowadays, they have a great range of different lights that will suit any tank. Chihiros allows you to set and control the time, light spectrum and intensity with your phone. They have a full spectrum of RGB LED’s, and really help to get the best color out of your plants and fish.

The new version of the Chihiros WRGB II is much brighter and higher in Lumen than the previous version. This allows you to have a more densely planted tank and stronger colors. But keep in mind, a strong light also requires co2 and a correct balance of ferts. You will need to find a balance to make your planted tank a success!

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